Must-Buy Cookbook

9 10 2010

The time has come to buy one of the best cookbooks of the year! (and yes, the recipe for this  plum tart is in the book!)

Alright, so I am a bit biased (because one of my best friends wrote the book), but I would never endorse something I didn’t completely believe in.  This book is full of incredible recipes, but also wonderful photography and storytelling.  My dear friend Jessica Theroux, who I met working at my first restaurant in San Francisco, was awarded a fellowship from Brown over 10 years ago to go to Italy and film, photograph and cook with about 13 old woman in small villages of Italy.  Her goal was to capture authentic recipes and traditions that you will not find in any typical Italian cookbook or restaurant in the states.

I can honestly say, after helping test over 20 recipes for the book last winter, Jessica accomplished her mission.  This book is truly a work of art and a must have in your collection cookbooks in your kitchen.  For more specific information on the book, check out the website:
The book can be  purchased on Amazon now at this link:
As the recipes have inspired me, I assure you that it is a great personal gift and an incredible gift for a food-loving friend. I just bought 5 copies and I can’t wait to read the finished product and gift it to my friends when I get home from Italy.